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Rental services for cargo lifting equipment, Mobilization of heavy and extra-heavy cargo by land and sea with an Integrated Logistics

About Us

About Us

We are a company specialized in the rental of cranes of industrial lifting, leader with extensive experience in the handling and movement of cargo with special characteristics, We are leaders in the market and we have an inventory of equipment and machinery that allow us to commit to handle loads from 4 tons up to 1600 tons via Maritime and / or Terrestrial.

In EQUISER we have an inventory of cranes, forklifts, Low Boy and special transport equipment for handling any type of cargo, we have the best equipment available in the market and national and international trajectory


Our purpose is the provision of rental services load lifting equipment, mobilization of heavy and extra heavy cargo via land and sea, with an Integrated Logistics for projects through compliance with security criteria, guarantee, reliability, responsibility and quality in order to to anticipate and respond effectively to the needs and requirements of our customers, with a highly qualified staff capable of achieving the highest performance in effective and fast solutions in all our services.


To be a service company recognized, nationally and internationally, for its excellence in providing service and competitiveness in the activities of lifting cargo, mobilization of heavy and extra-heavy cargo via land and sea, continuously improving effectiveness, thus developing the response capacity and achieve satisfaction of the needs of our customers.

Quality Policy

EQUISER maintains a commitment to continuous improvement of the effectiveness of all the processes of the Quality Management system in the integral services of lifting, mobilization and transport of heavy and extra-heavy cargo, by sea and land, aimed at achieving the satisfaction of our customers.

Environment Policy

EQUISER company dedicated to the provision of integral services of hoisting, mobilization and transport of heavy and extra heavy cargoes by sea and land, is committed to the prevention of pollution of the environment, under a system of continuous improvement, through the review of objectives, goals and environmental programs, complying with current environmental legislation and other requirements, providing training and training to all its staff, creating culture and environmental responsibility, ensuring the preservation of the environment. Available to the general public for the time that is required.

Security Policy

The Top Management of EQUISER declares its commitment in matters of hygiene, industrial safety, occupational health and ergonomics, in the provision of integral services of hoisting, mobilization and transport of heavy and extra-heavy cargoes by sea and land, in order to comply with the laws, decrees, regulations, internal rules and standards required by the applicable client, in addition to other requirements in terms of prevention of occupational risk, resulting from operations; creating in the personnel a culture of responsibility, which leads us to prevent injuries and occupational diseases of the workers, contractors, clients and visitors; achieving continuous improvement in the management and performance of all the processes of the organization.



leaders in the market




China Engineering Company, Ltd., states that the company EQUISER, C.A., S.A. is providing the Crane rental service in the Amador Cruise Terminal Project, Panama. We recommend EQUISER, C.A., S.A. for the performance of crane rental activities.

CHEC China Harbour Engineering CO. ltd

We certify that EQUISER, C.A. is our supplier for many years. To date, it has met our needs in the rental and supply of equipment such as hydraulic cranes and platforms. We currently have a satisfactory business relationship.

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