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Crane and Lifting Machinery Rental

In EQUISER We specialize in lifting loads, striving to prepare for the lifting of large and / or heavy loads, which is why we have the best equipment in the world for it . And we have a large inventory of equipment, cranes, and complementary elements to face the biggest challenge, so we have the best rental service of cranes in Venezuela.

Oversized Load

Our specialty is the Rent of Cranes and the lifting of Load, but in many cases the mobilization or lifting of large loads is a problem since few have the equipment or the experience to face this type of work, in our case it is our bread every day, we have a large amount of equipment, special cranes, equipment designed to withstand large loads and very high volumes.

Land Transport Service

EQUISER is an integral company, assumes global commitments, among which are the service of rental of cranes, ground transportation equipment, oversized cargo, lifting loads normal and special, machinery, parts, special loads, liquid handling, special conditions among others.

3D Engineering

We specialize in lifting loads, as well as rental of cranes for industrial hoisting both regular and special, that is why we have a team of professionals and engineers ready to study each case, analyze the options and possibilities and reduce the risks that may arise. exist.

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